Monday, 31 August 2015

Smart-i Launched Cloud Compatible Web Based Access Management + Attendance software with Mobile Apps with GPS Location Tracking

smartCOMMANDCONTROL is a Web based Access Management and Time Attendance software especially designed to cater small, medium and large organizations. The software has very user friendly modular interface that is easy to operate with rich in functionality and also provides comprehensive various useful reports. Software has various other functions i.e. Device configuration, masters, data downloading, Leave Management, Shift Management, Over Time Calculation, Outdoor Entry, Late-Early Calculation, Compensatory off, etc.

KEY Benefits of smartCOMMANCONTROL:-

  • Attendance/Access Anytime anywhere: Web based Access Management & time attendance software can be accessed from anywhere anytime through internet browser.
  • Online Employee Self Service: Using Browser employees can view their attendance; they can apply for leave/manual punch/tour entry/outdoor entry though internet with their login ID & password. Same way manager can online approve all application sent by employee.

  • Mobile Apps with GPS Location Tracking:- Android based Mobile attendance module to mark the  attendance of outdoor employee, which has default facility to track the actual location of employee with GPS locator. Later on HOD/Manager can verify/review the attendance request and GPS location of employee then attendance can be approved. Mobile Apps has various other features to regularize the attendance of employee through Android based mobile ie; Leave Application, Manual Punch, Condone Entry, Outdoor Entry & Tour Entry.

  • Integrated HRMS, Payroll & Work force Management module:- Separate integrated module of HRMS, Payroll and Work force management software for overall manpower operation and efficiency management.

  • Email & SMS notification: Email and SMS notification can be sent for any configured process ie; Leave application/Approval, manual punch application/approval, tour entry application/approval, etc.

  • Inclusive Access & Attendance Management: Access & Attendance management rules and restrictions for devices could be at various levels eg; Controller level, Reader Level, Employee level, Access Group level, location level, etc. Access rules comprises with Time Zones, Access Levels, Holiday restriction, Anti Pass back (Hard, Soft, Nested, local, Reader wise, controller wise, APB Forgiveness), Blacklist of employee, etc. The attendance feature comprises with late coming, early going, continues absent, Overtime, Compensatory off, outdoor entry, etc.

  • Complete Online Leave Management: Every organization has their set of rules regarding leaves. HR can define various types of leave codes like PL, CL, SL, and EL with description. HR can define various rules e.g. leave accumulation. HR can set the opening leave opening balance for every user; at the end of the financial year leave can be forwarded to new financial year.

  • Shift Management (Effective Work force management) Work force management gets very easy with shift roster. Employee can be scheduled in various shift on the base work force required in various time. Shift patterns are fully depends upon organizations cultures; it varies from company to company or, sector to sector. Admin can define different type of shifts as per requirement. It is very difficult for a manager to manage workforce manually, we have considered those difficulties in our software so manager can smoothly manage their workforce through various features available i.e. Shift Roaster, Auto shift, flexi shift, night shift, etc.

  • Useful MIS Reports: Software has various reports which is very useful for any organizations i.e. Late coming, early going, continues absentee/late coming/early going, Effective work hour, Overtime (Individual/department wise), monthly employee, etc.