Thursday, 22 December 2016

4 Door 4 Reader Access Controller

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smartXS NG plus is a premium category 4 Door 4 Reader Access Controller, as fast and as efficient in all functions as the best in the market in this category. Better in fact, in some ways.

Key Features & Benefits

  • The Processor:- Its 32 bit processor make smartXS NG plus a much faster and more efficient controller in all its functions at par with the other controllers in the premium category. Much more cost effective too. 
  • MODBUS:- smartXS NG plus has MODBUS connectivity option for integration with third party BMS (Building Management System).
  • SNMP alerts:- SNMP alerts for integration with IT System Administration Software for monitoring critical events i.e.; Door left open, unauthorized access attempt, power fail and battery low alerts, etc... 
  • Alarm Management Software Module:- CCTV/IP Camera integration with Access Events for security audit or to verify/identify tailgating, made effective by Alert based network protocol.
  • Power fail and Battery low alerts:- Alert is sent to admin for power management/arrangement in the Battery Low situations which helps in implementing the utility of both the lock conditions, 'Fail Safe' as well as 'Fail Secure'.
  • Inbuilt Web Server:- smartXS NG plus can be managed remotely through inbuilt web Server using any web browser.
  • 4 GB SD Memory Card:- Mirror image of device configuration and data.
  • Door Interlocking:- smartXS NG plus has inbuilt configurable door interlocking facility for clean environment so vital in sectors such as pharma, datacentre, etc.. 
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