Thursday, 26 May 2016

Door Interlocking Solution for Pharma

Door Interlocking Solution

The Pharmaceuticals Industry comprises of all departments like any other organizations but the major critical department is the Research Laboratories wherein the security is of major concern as it is vulnerable to threats like product tampering this can be neutralized by restricting access of the unauthorized users in the secured premises.

Several ready solutions to assist the Pharma sector in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), such as:

Key Features

·         Door Interlock for the Clean Rooms and other production facilities for Good Manufacturing Practices.
·         Access control measures to restrict movements of personnel across production facilities to prevent contamination, as per the US FDA guidelines.
·         Biometric logical access for critical Pharma machinery integration possible (PLC).
·         21 CFR Part 11 compliant software.
·         Rack level access control in the Data Centre and Server Room.
·         Time Synchronized Access Control Events integrated with CCTV at critical access areas.
·         Access Control at any other vital points where it may be necessary to restrict or regulate entry.
·         Centralised Multi-location recording and analysis of staff attendance in factories, branches, warehouses etc with an OTP (One Time Password) to maximize authentication of fingerprint registration and to control Date Time Management.

·         Enterprise level in-house developed Cloud based software platform with a number of very useful MIS Reports and analysis for the management.