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Thursday, 22 December 2016

4 Door 4 Reader Access Controller

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smartXS NG plus is a premium category 4 Door 4 Reader Access Controller, as fast and as efficient in all functions as the best in the market in this category. Better in fact, in some ways.

Key Features & Benefits

  • The Processor:- Its 32 bit processor make smartXS NG plus a much faster and more efficient controller in all its functions at par with the other controllers in the premium category. Much more cost effective too. 
  • MODBUS:- smartXS NG plus has MODBUS connectivity option for integration with third party BMS (Building Management System).
  • SNMP alerts:- SNMP alerts for integration with IT System Administration Software for monitoring critical events i.e.; Door left open, unauthorized access attempt, power fail and battery low alerts, etc... 
  • Alarm Management Software Module:- CCTV/IP Camera integration with Access Events for security audit or to verify/identify tailgating, made effective by Alert based network protocol.
  • Power fail and Battery low alerts:- Alert is sent to admin for power management/arrangement in the Battery Low situations which helps in implementing the utility of both the lock conditions, 'Fail Safe' as well as 'Fail Secure'.
  • Inbuilt Web Server:- smartXS NG plus can be managed remotely through inbuilt web Server using any web browser.
  • 4 GB SD Memory Card:- Mirror image of device configuration and data.
  • Door Interlocking:- smartXS NG plus has inbuilt configurable door interlocking facility for clean environment so vital in sectors such as pharma, datacentre, etc.. 
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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

ATM Panel Monitoring

Integrated Monitoring and Alarm Panel, with our CMS software (smartCMS)
Integrated Monitoring and Alarm Panel, with our CMS software (smartCMS)

Due to our extensive experience over the years in TCP/IP communication and through continuous in house R & D, our ATM Monitoring & Alarm Panel can efficiently communicate with your CMS software. We also offer the option of our own CMS Software, designed by us specifically for the Indian environment.

Key Benefits

  • Multilayer Security and Utility Monitoring:- For an efficient ATM site multilayer security management, the panel integrates several vital function such as:-
    1. Integration with CMS
    2. Intrusion Detection with Multiple Alarm
    3. Access Control
    4. CCTV to facilitate Investigation
    5. Power Management
    6. Diesel Generator Monitoring

  • Multiple Alarms:- To help ensure that an intrusion event is noticed Real Time, the smart-i ATM Alarm Panel sets off multiple alarms:
    1. A loud hooter onsite
    2. An audible Alarm in the Central Monitoring Room
    3. An alert on the CMS Screen
  • Real Time Response:- smartCMS facilitates a “Real Time Response” during and after an event. Complete 2 way interactive communications between CMS and ATM site during an event. Ticket based Standard Operating Procedure can be initiated after an event.

  • CMS with Multilevel MIS:- The smart-i CMS software with cloud based structure allows both, the service provider of the Control Room as well as the Bank to access its own MIS Reports for analysis. It also allows the Bank to build Zonal Multilocation CMS infrastructure that may be required by them for their regional ATM clusters.

  • Continuous Self Diagnosis:- The system does a continuous self check to ensure it that all its functions are operational including continuity of communication between the ATM Site & the Central Monitoring Room.