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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

smart-i offers a full basket of Solutions for Data Centers and Server rooms!!!

Full Basket of Solutions for Data Centers and Server Rooms

Access Control Solutions

  • For individual Racks and Rack Doors, smartRACK – a 1U Unit with complete rack automation for:- 
    • a) Access Control of the Rack and Rack Doors, 
    • b) Temperature and Humidity monitoring with alarms, 
    • c) PDU Power Monitoring, 
    • d) Smoke Detection and monitoring with alarms and 
    • e) Water Leakage monitoring also with alarms.
  • Standalone for Individual Racks, smartBIO, a standalone Biometric + Card access controller for controlling the Front and Rear Doors of a Rack. Besides access control it has an added feature to monitor the Temperature of the Cold and Hot Aisles, with alarms.
  • For Multiple Racks and Rack Doors collectively in Aisles and Containment areas, smartAISLE - This solution automates a Containment area or an aisle of 8 / 16 Racks for:- 
    • a) Multidrop Access control of Racks and Rack Doors, 
    • b) Temperature + Humidity monitoring with alarms, 
    • c) PDU Power Monitoring, 
    • d) Smoke Detection alarm and 
    • e) Water leakage alarm.
  • For the Main and other Critical Doors. Access Control (with an inbuilt Door Interlocking System) at the Main Door as well as any other Critical Doors anywhere in the Data Center.
Monitoring Solutions
  • Power Consumption Monitoring smartDC - Plus for Power Consumption Monitoring and Data Logging for rack level PDU to help: 
    • a) Optimise Power Consumption and 
    • b) Minimise Power Factor Penalties.
  • Environmental Monitoring smartDC - Plus Wireless monitoring of the Temperature and Humidity, with alarms, at various locations in the DC hall including that in the area near the server aisles.
  • Water Leakage Monitoring. Alarm in the case of water leakage under the raised flooring of the Data Center.
  • Safety and security Monitoring. 
    • Rack level Centralised Smoke Detection and Alarm.
    • Pressure Monitoring of the Gas Cylinder, with alarms.
    • Intrusion Detection and Alarms.
    • CCTV integration with various Security Events e.g. Access Control, Intrusion etc. Useful for Security Audits.
  • For a Clean Room environment in the DC Hall. 
    • a) Differential Pressure Monitoring System with alarms and 
    • b) Door Interlocking System between the Hall and Corridor. To ensure a dust free atmosphere inside.
  • smartDMS- Datacenter Monitoring Software (DMS) 
    • a) eSurveillance 
    • b) MODBUS integration for integration with BMS 
    • c) SNMP alerts for Critical alarms on System administration Software 
    • d) Dashboard for quick Alarm Monitoring 
    • e) MIS Reports for various Parameters and Filters for Analysis and Action. 
    • f) Email and SMS alerts.

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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Data Centre Solutions

A data-centre is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. It generally includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g., air conditioning, fire suppression) and various security devices.

Smart i have come up with several ready solutions for IT & Data Centre such as:

  • Rack Level Access Control in the Data centres and Server Rooms:- This is a 2 tier access control solution wherein the 1st tier provides access control on the door to the Server Rooms and Data centre. The 2nd tier provides access control at the Rack level i.e. on each rack. This solution is available for new racks with OEM arrangement as well as in the form of retrofitting solution for the existing racks.
  • Dual Authentication at entry/exit at specific locations in the Data Centre the doors will open only when two authorized persons put in their credentials together. This feature is available with the access control solutions, Biometrics and smartcard. It ensures that high security areas are accessed by the designated staff only in the presence of a higher designated authority.
  • Integration with fire and intrusion panel:- the controllers has dedicated input for fire panel & intrusion panel. In case of fire, controller ensure that all door should be open, vice versa in case of intrusion, controller ensures all door should be closed, till Administrator will acknowledge to the system.
  • Access Control at any other vital points where it may be necessary to restrict or regulate entry.
  • IP Camera integration with access control for more comprehensive reports for IT audits in data centre/server room. IP Camera can be configured with various access control events so images will be captured for preconfigured events ie; Authorised entry, unauthorised entry, door force open, door open too long, etc.
  • Email/SMS/SNMP:- In case of any events/ alarm the notification can be sent through email/SMS/SNMP. In data centre access controller can send the notification on SNMP protocol to make life easy for administrator.
  • Multi Location with centralize monitoring:- Smart I offers multi location solutions with Web Based integrated Software. The administrator can manage the controllers remotely (Complete System can be managed remotely).
  • Smart I Rack controller has features to connect the temperature and humidity sensor, so system will raise an alarm in case of defined limit of temperature & humidity will be crossed.

Smart I Banking Solutions for their multiple locations and applications

Smart I Solutions for banks for their multiple locations and applications such as:

  • ATM- Access Control, with OTP, for access to the currency compartment for loading cash.
  • Dual Authentication (doors to open only when two authorized persons put in their credentials together) - for the Currency Chest as well as the Cash Room
  • Power Door Interlock for the Currency Chest as per banking guidelines
  • Access Control to the Locker Room
  • Rack Level Access Control in the Data centre & Server room
  • Centralised Monitoring of specified events in Multiple ATM Locations or Branches
  • Access control at any other vital points where it may be necessary to restrict or regulate entry
  • Correct and efficient recording and analysis of staff attendance across branches – with OTP for registration of fingerprints
  • Rich MIS reports for useful analysis for the management
  • Some more solutions
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